Pizza. A United States Tradition.

When it comes to the ultimate food that invited various meat toppings, pizza is the first hing that comes into anyone’s mind. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the different combinations a pizza can come in. Your imagination is the only thing that limits how delicious a pizza can be. Pizza became a phenomenon in the United States around the 1980’s as the go to meal for people on the go. Before you knew it, thousands of pizza places in the United States started to pop up. The big franchises started to take advantage of pizzas popularity in the U.S and started to get their brand out. Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Little Ceasars made a name for themselves in those years.

Family Owned Pizza Places

But the real winners in the war for peoples taste buds has to go to the local owned pizza places. After a while one would get tired of the same old fast food type of pizzas that the big boys made. It is the family created recipes that true pizza lovers craved. It is known that the number of small pizza places out number the franchises greatly in the U.S alone! Places that are mid sized but still local like Giordano’s pizza in Chicago have created a large following of pizza lovers for their local area.

Franchise Pizza Restaurants

If you haven’t heard of Pizza Hut or Domino’s then you have been living under some sort of heavy stone object that doesn’t move much. These places are probably as well known as a McDonald’s or a Burger King. Through sheer marketing and advertising efforts Pizza Hut made itself the most popular pizza place in the world with their signature pan crust pizza. It would be quite difficult to find someone who has not tried their signature pizza either once or twice.

If you are a chef at heart and love to make your own pizzas at home then you should be as creative as possible with your toppings. You never know, you can make something that rivals all current recipes out there. Who has tried a beef jerky pizza? That might be the next recipe on Timberline.



Take Your Food Seriously

How quick are we to trust these fast food restaurants with our food? How can we consciously let them make our food when most of them don’t give a care about their job. Why would they care about how they handle my food. Why would they care if I get sick if I eat the food that they mishandled? Now think long and hard about how you take care of the food you prepare for yourself. Can you be sure that the 16 year old weed head behind the counter of your local food place will take the same care in preparing your food? The reason I bring all of this up is that we must stay vigilant with the poisons we put into our body. Why are we so easy to trust people to take care of us? In my opinion, most people aren’t bad, but it only takes one time to get food poisoning.

Fast Food Alternatives

Well the only real alternative to a fast food restaurant is a home cooked meal, who has time for that? So my solution is to not give up fast food all together if you do not have the time to make a home cooked meal. All that I ask is that you be more vigilant in your choice of fast food restaurant. Most places have a clear view into the kitchen. Watch them make your food. If you see something you don’t like ask for your money back and don’t go back there. Simple as that, only eat at the places you can somewhat trust. These are usually restaurants that people actually care about their jobs.

Cook At Home

Stop being lazy if you do have the time to cook your own food. This sadly is the only real way you can guarantee not to take in any foreign bodies. Another sad part about this is that you can still be caught off guard depending on where you do your grocery shopping. Use the same vigilance when getting fresh meats and cheeses from your local grocery store. Watch them cut and clean your chosen meats. Again if you see something you don’t like just leave and don’t go back. If you have no other place to go bring whatever bothered you to their managers attention. Simple as that.