About Us

Timberline Smokehouse is located in the mountains. It is out here in the country that we developed some of the best tasting beef jerky and snack sticks you’ll ever find. Rich with bold flavors and pure country attitude, our jerky is just plain good.

For the past ten years, people have come from all around to get a taste of our beef jerky and snack sticks. This country boy finally decided to build with the hope of taking this small town jerky to the big city. Our recipe is simple, great tasting jerky + awesome flavors  = Timberline Smokehouse. We just want to make a better jerky.

Our flavors our bold by design. Our beer jerky isn’t some powdered beer flavor.  It’s marinated in beer, just like the label reads, Beef, Beer. Why? Because the beer gives it a moist and tender flavor all its own, Beer & Garlic won’t overpower you, it’s subtle and smooth, like a country gentleman. Beer and Fire will light you up, and the Tequila Jalapeno has rich pepper flavor. The Sweet Twins of Bourbon and Barbeque are loved by all and it’s the Original that started it all. Let’s not forget about our beef sticks.  Ask someone in Johnstown, PA what a “Baby Jack” is and chances are they have tasted the famous beef and cheese stick that is second to none. Our Mountain Man and Baby Jack Sticks set a higher standard for beef sticks, taste and see.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We know you will love it. Our small town business is looking to expand across this great nation. If you interested in distributor opportunities, please drop us an email, we would love to talk.